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My name is Bharat Ramanujam, I live in California. I am 38 yrs old. I was diagnosed at the age of 2 that I had a condition called Homocystinuria, which is due to the absence of an enzyme in my body. In 1999,  this site was developed in order to help people with HOMOCYSTINURIA(HCU). In the last so many years I was not able to update this  site because of having series of health problems. Since I feel much better right now I will be updating it on a on a regular  basis. Also I was recently inspired while attending the first ever conference on HCU in Denver.

Since I missed some of my classes in high school due to health problems, I completed some courses in a community college for about 6 years. Some  of the courses I have completed are computer, math, weight training, English, Yoga , geology, and nutrition. My hobbies are reading history, wildlife  listening to music, watching action movies and  tennis. I am also a volunteer at San Diego Zoo and Safari Park. Over the last 10 years I have been travelling extensively to learn about world history and also endangered animals. I have visited historical sites related to US presidents, Civil War, Civil Rights, WorId Wars, Americal Revolution and recently several Space related sites in the US and Europe. I have summarized all these  on my website: The animal information are on my website:

I have developed this website in order to form a support group with other Homocystinuria families. I have tried to build this website with information I collected from my own experience and other resources.

The what is HCU gives basic details on what Homocystinuria is about.

I like travel and I will be updating my recent trips and how I managed my diet during the trips.

Some basic information about what kinds of food Homocystinuria patients can eat is given in diet section. I will be adding a lot of recipes.

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