LowPro VF8 Smoothie by Bharat Ramanujam

**** Only protein information is available for Almond Milk (individual amino-acid information is not available and so not included)


The banana frozen in its skin stores better in the freezer and the fruit doesn’t get dark. Hold it under running water for a few minutes so the skin just peels off.

  1. Add all the ingredients in a blender along with the frozen banana.
  2. Process it until you get a thick fruit smoothie. The amount of water can be adjusted according to personal preference.

Notes: This combination is great to take with the formula since it completely masks the flavor of the formula . Add the formula and blend it again until it is thoroughly mixed (The smoothie color may change due to addition of the formula).

Makes 3 servings.


All the Ingredients Veggies, Fruit and Almond milk Smoothie
Adding Formula Mixing with the Formula
Dividing into three servings Dividing into three servings
Dividing into three servings Final Product

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