Yellowstone 2011

MY ACTIVITIES (Visit to Yellowstone)

In 2000 I went with my family to Yellowstone. We had to drive about 1000 miles from Redondo Beach in California to Yellowstone National Park, which is in Wyoming. It took about 36 hours. For this reason we had to stay overnight in Utah. While we were driving we went through 7 states. The seven were California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, and a little bit of Montana, before going into Wyoming. 

Yellowstone is a very big national park and has four areas:

  • Hayden Valley – Here you can see bison
  • Old faithful – Quite a lot of geysers some of them more than 100′ high
  • Mammoth Hot springs – Many hot springs with a lot colorful formations
  • Canyon – Here you can see Grand Canyon of Yellowstone and a waterfall

We saw many different kinds of wildlife: moose, elk, deer, coyote, and bison

While returning from Yellowstone we  briefly stopped at Bryce Canyon and Zion Canyon.

 Castle Geyser

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